Thursday, 21 July 2011

Marshall McLuhan is 100

There can be something immensely liberating about relieving pressure - particularly when that pressure is internally, almost neurotically applied. A kind of psychological quantative easing.

That's what's happened to me, at any rate. Having moaned here just a few days ago about how tough life was, and about how difficult I was finding it to write anything creative, I woke up this morning (the first of four blessed days in a row when I don't have to work), heard a snippet on the news and ... bang!

There it was. The muse flung herself into my arms and gave me a hot, heavy, tongue-down-your-throat kiss.

The way it worked out, the form it took, it seemed to be more suited for posting over at Obnoxius. Still, I thought I'd give my regular readers here a link to it:

Have a good weekend, everyone ...

Talking Heads seems to be a suitable musical accompaniment to this. Thanks to Gina at Pagan Sphinx for putting this particular worm in my ear today!

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  1. I hope MM is one of your muses. He still makes his imprint on many of us. Maybe we can still catch him in the rearview mirror.

  2. Here's wishing him a very happy birthday. Given his state I think he will have a quiet day in!

  3. There's something about blogging and announcing that one is slowing that makes the muse come back like a whipped puppy. The fickle girl can't stand the thought that we might forget her.

  4. That is one passionate muse you have! I was reminded of Richard Thompson's I Feel So Good. Somewhere along the way I missed my calling as a radio DJ!

    As for the worm in your ear...well...I think it's a good example of the connections inherent within a digital "global village".

    Loved the essay. Wish I could leave a comment but I'm having the same sign-in problems as Susan.

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  6. In one of my journals I wrote a favorite quote of his: 'The past went that-a-way. When faced with a totally new situation, we tend always to attach ourselves to objects, to the flavor of the most recent past. We look at the present through a rear view mirror. We march backwards into the future'.

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